The archbishop of Miami took House members to task today for failing to pass immigration reform. In an article for The Hill, Archbishop Thomas Wenski said that he is still hopeful that the House will pass immigration reform this year.”I believe Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) knows that passing comprehensive immigration reform is the right thing to do, and that there are enough people of good will in the House to get it done,” he wrote. But the archbishop made it clear that for at least one group of lawmakers–the 163 Catholics in Congress,” there is no longer any moral ambiguity” on what they should do. “Reform our immigration system, bring our neighbors out of the shadows, and put our nation back on a path that honors our proudest traditions and highest ideals,” this son of Polish immigrants pleaded. Archbishop Wenski is not alone among clergy in pressing Congress to pass immigration reform. A new film by the Evangelical Immigration Table is set for release next week. The group has been among the staunchest supporters of immigration reform, grounding policy arguments in Jesus’ teaching.