The United States Defense Department announced during a hearing this week that the department is considering reaching out to young immigrants–including some who are undocumented–to join the military. Immigration activists are imploring the Pentagon to title these immigrants as “vital to national interest,” making them able to participate in a special program that would give them citizenship in return for four years of service in the military. A representative from the Pentagon said that the department is reviewing this proposal and hopes to have a conclusion by the end of this summer. Sen. Richard Durbin (D-IL), who sponsored the hearing on Monday, says he hopes the Pentagon will allow those young illegal immigrants who have been granted deferred action status to join the military. If these young “dreamers” are willing to risk their lives for their adopted country, shouldn’t they be considered for citizenship, proponents ask. Good question. About a half million persons have been granted deferred status, which gives them the right to work as well as preventing their deportation for as long as they remain in the government’s good graces by paying taxes and staying out of trouble with the law. A bill that would allow “dreamers” to enlist may come up on a House bill this week with bi-partisan support. Republicans blocked consideration of the measure on a Defense policy bill but the Speaker is considering bringing the bill up for a separate vote, according to Politico.