• Trump’s ‘facts’ on Mexicans and crime are just wrong

    Donald Trump has decided to double down on his insults of Mexicans living in the United States. Talking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper this week, he said he had nothing to apologize for. In case you were vacationing on a desert island for the past month, this is what he said: “When Mexico sends its people, […]

  • Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals votes to uphold block on Executive immigration action

    The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals voted Tuesday to continue to block implementation of President Obama’s executive action to defer deportation and grant work permits to some 4 million illegal immigrants. Numerous attempts have been made since November to overturn the executive decision, including threats against funding the Department of Homeland Security and lawsuits from […]

  • DHS funding battle

    GOP opposition to the administration’s executive action on immigration continues to threaten a Department of Homeland Security shutdown on Feb. 27. On Monday, the Senate tried for the 4th time to bring up the funding bill, which passed the House with amendments that barred the administration from moving ahead with plans to provide deportation relief and […]

  • Dumb and dumber

    House Republicans seemed intent last week on doing themselves and the country damage by tying funding for Homeland Security to a roll back of the president’s executive amnesty program.  But perhaps it was all for show.  The bill, which includes provisions not only to end the most recent Obama executive action giving deferred status to […]

  • New Year brings opportunity

    As we begin the New Year with uncertainty as to which path immigration reform will take, if any, some pertinent data from 2014 suggest that illegal immigration remains at relative low levels .  According to the  Pew Hispanic Research Trends Project fewer Mexicans were apprehended at U.S. borders than non-Mexicans in 2014. In 60 years of […]

  • Confusing ruling on amnesty

    A federal district court judge on Tuesday declared that parts of President Obama’s amnesty were unconstitutional.  But it is far from clear whether the ruling will have any real impact in derailing the executive order the president issued in November, which grants deferred action from removal for certain unauthorized immigrants as well as work permits.  Judge […]

  • BAI president Linda Chavez talks immigration

    Linda Chavez spoke about Hispanics and immigration, among other topics, with National Review publisher Jay Nordlinger and syndicated columnist Mona Charen on Friday Dec. 5. Nordlinger and Charen host a podcast, Need to Know, which features prominent national figures on politics, economics, and culture. You can read about the interview and link to listen here

  • GOP response to executive action on unauthorized immigrants

    Now that President Obama has acted to defer deportation for some four to five million illegal immigrants, all eyes will be on the Republican Party’s response. How they handle the challenge may well shape the future of the party and the country. Provocateurs will urge defiance. Retiring Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn even suggested, “You’re going […]

  • An executive order is not the solution

    President Obama is expected to act in the next few days to grant legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, fulfilling a promise he made before the election. Giving legal status to people who have lived and worked in the United States for a decade or more, paid taxes, kept out of trouble, contributed to […]